w.s. undine

Overunder Panorama Viewer

My entry to Virtuleap's WebVR hackathon (2016) was a webapp for viewing and sharing stereoscopic panoramas. The sharing features are rough and experimental, but the local "drag-and-drop" mode is a nice alternative to paying $15 to view Ansel panoramas with Virtual Desktop. Unfortunately, I didn't win the grand prize trip to Amsterdam (´;ω;`)

GSOC 2016 - A-Frame

I spent the summer of 2016 creating components, demoes, and contributing to the general development of A-Frame (a WebVR framework from Mozilla). JavaScript, Three.js, and HTC-Vive--lots of fun!

Notes for Intro to Programming

While I had messed around with Python in the past, I hadn't taken any tutorials or classes on it. Udacity's course turned out to be a great experience; the format was great and I learned a lot. Students slowly build a website of notes as they work through the course, click the thumbnail to see mine!


Reddit is a fantastic website, but searching it can be a pain. Search results can be poorly ranked, require very specific keywords, or omit results. Browsing r/redditdev, I noticed a post about an alternative search API. After testing it out a little I built this front-end.